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Team Profile

Ethan Porte – DJ and Bookings Manager

Ethan originally joined our agency having won the JW DJ and Be at One Chelmsford DJ competition in 2019.  Although Ethan is an excellent DJ and loves the performance side of DJ’ing, he also has a strong interest into the management side of the business. He has 4+ years of Marketing & Events and Promotions experience and on a day to day basis he assumes the role of DJ and Bookings manager assisting with the organization, and direction of the agency as well as leading his team and engaging with new clients and maintaining existing business relationships.

Ethan also has a wealth of experience under his belt as a club and event’s organiser and is frequently called upon for his knowledge regarding putting on in- house events.  His management role extends to our in-house quarterly club night called ‘Privada Events’ where he works alongside Jerdyah Mahal (Training & Development Manager) to give party-goers the experience of a lifetime. His relentless passion for the music industry and his consistent desire to give our clients the very best service possible, makes him the perfect addition to London’s Leading DJ agency,