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Ricardo Carboni / Karr

Driving with an unquestionable passion for music, DJ Karr has amassed over ten years of experience on the club scene. His versatility, energy and skill united are quickly seeing him become one of the most well-travelled and respected names on the scene.

An established and driven performer, DJ Karr is a fast-rising name across the globe. Effortlessly blending elements of Hip Hop, RnB, Trap, Reggaeton and Pop, with the more classic grooves of Funk, House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno and EDM, DJ Karr has captured the affection of audiences from Cagliari to Rome to London.

From early beginnings, DJ Karr was spinning records for private parties at just 15 years of age. His love for the process joined forces with his inherent work ethic, producing what would ultimately become one of the hardest working, professional DJs around.

During his teenage years, Karr’s DJ edits repeatedly reached the top ten charts for AV8 Records.  His DJiung debut subsequently took place at The Cube in Cagliari – to an immense crowd of 2000 eager music fans. Shortly afterwards, Karr secured a residency at the club, and his journey has been on the up ever since.

In Italy’s capital, Karr’s career took further flight to an impressive degree. Boasting appearances at renowned clubs like Gilda, Eden Club, Piper Club and Shari Vari – to name just a few – the faultlessly dedicated DJ refused to show signs of slowing down.

Following a notably successful stint in Rome, Karr relocated to London to build a brand new connection and further the strength of his name. His love for music production grew stronger from here on in, resulting in a day job producing for local artists; alongside a resident DJ slot at night.

An ever eclectic, open-minded and driven young performer and producer, DJ Karr is someone who understands and appreciates the music world in a unique and powerful way. His life has been dedicated to the art-form for longer than most, and despite his unquestionable level of experience, 2020 is set to be the start of something even bigger.