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Nathaniel Williams/Kibou

Kibou is a professional DJ and Music producer specialising in house, disco, hip-hop/RnB, commercial chart with everything in between. Starting from a young age Kibou began playing for small parties for friends and family.  From an early age he had a strong desire for collecting records and putting his own spin on classic tracks.

Originally from North London, his career has been building across the London circuit. He is a confident open format DJ with his talent leading him into the London music scene where he currently holds a DJ residency across the famous ‘Bounce”London venues.

Kibou’s wealth of experience so far on his musical journey has made him a multi-talented producer and DJ. He is always able to create an authentic vibe and get people dancing to all of his tracks. Kibou consistently works hard at his vocation and his DJ sets are always filled with energy and electrifying vibes that will leave you anticipating the next track and wanting more. You can guarantee Kibou will always strive to keep his DJ mixes unique and fresh with his own original edits and remixes.