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Louis Raymond/ RAYMOND

Raymond is a House Music Producer, and International Open-Format DJ. As one of the preeminent DJ’s in the entertainment industry. Many have witnessed his exhilarating live performances at bars and club circuits across London, Marbella, and Turkey.  Born and raised in Essex, Raymond’s passion for music started at an early age. He decided to pursue his passion as a creative artist and he began DJ’ing and carving a niche for himself on the celebrity scene. Performing DJ sets at XOYO, The Magic Roundabout, Be at One Soho and Brickyard Romford , Raymond has shared booths with the likes of Colin Francis, Kenzie, J Funk, KO Kane and Tom Zanetti. Over the years, he has amassed a lot of high profile clients and fans who are attracted to his eclectic sound, style, uniqueness, andability to emotionally connect with anaudience by bridging and blending music genres and generational lines.  More so, his technicality is enhanced by his capacity to integrate his own productions and remixes to his sets while playing. His live show experience and extraordinary attention to detail with his commitment to being the best at his trade, Raymond is a rising star on a mission to become a nexus of global music.