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Lee Hurst – Hursty

Arguably one of London’s most hard-working, long-standing and talented DJs – HURSTY has been climbing ladders in the music world since he was barely 11 years old when he stole the record “Nite Flite” from his uncle and played it on a quartz turntable.

Hursty has always been a go getter . His desire to succeed and follow his dream of a full-time career in music has always been his driving force and guiding light .

From early on his love of garage music saw him he set up a crew of DJS and MCS who called themselves the “Metric”.  Metric was the platform that allowed him to access Pirate Radio stations such as Devine FM and  play at massive club nights across London.

The Garage scene then took over, and HURSTY was right there through all of it.  Then came a switch to the RnB and Hip-Hop world where bars and clubs from Shoreditch to Camden called out for him. Soon enough HURSTY was hosting his own club nights as far North as Manchester.

Continuing to master the art of DJ performances and showcases, HURSTY soon felt the pull of the commercial world.  Creativity reigned, and his original uploads began to gather him a worthy fan-base over Mix cloud and Social Media platforms.

Today, experience and his unlimited passion for his career have granted him one of the most well-known and respected names in the game.

HURSTY has now been running his own events across London for several years now, which are consistently sold out and his connection to music has led him to craft delicious DJ sets loaded with Old School RnB, Hip Hop, House and Reggaeton – as well as continuing to tip his hat back to the classic sound that began his journey; Garage.

Always pushing for eclecticism, something fresh and left the unexpected, HURSTY’s sound and style are swiftly becoming an entity of their own. If you’re searching for a night to remember, look out for this name. Catch him playing over at the West End’s  top party venues ‘Be at One’s or Camden’s ‘Shaka Zulu’.