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Kylie Jordan

Gracing renowned stages across London and Essex, Kylie Jordan is a DJ with a uniquely broad set of influences, and an unwavering drive to connect people through music.

Leading the way with innovative mixes, fusing elements of RnB, Soul, Disco, House and Afrobeats, with an Old School nineties flavour that’s loaded with nostalgia, Kylie’s live-sets offer audiences a guaranteed night to remember.

A fitness enthusiast by nature, offering monthly fitness mix-tapes that promise to get you moving, Kylie’s energy and passion are limitless. From 28West to Kosho, Lounge Bar and Club K, Kylie Jordan has built up a respected name and repertoire on the UK club scenes.

Inspired by her local DJs from a young age, as well as by her close relationship with her mother and older sister, Kylie’s love for music and her desire to learn and progress have been evolving and flourishing for many years.

Understanding the value of music as escapism – this immeasurably powerful force that unites people with a single song choice – Kylie’s work ethic and approachability stem from jobs in hospitality as much so as DJ sets. Her ability to observe and interpret, to learn from those working in the scene around her, resulted in a finely honed ability to entertain and cater to the needs of the audience any setting.

From traditional vinyls to contemporary set-ups, Kylie’s extensive experience makes her an invaluable upcoming name on the global music scene. Her tastes range from the classic hits of Snap, Talking Heads, Nina Simone and Madonna, right through to the contemporary tones of Lana del Rey. Influenced by the likes of Colin Francis, Annie Mac, Greg Wilson and DJ Harvey, her creativity is backed up by an insatiable desire to succeed.

Driving with big dreams, and a strong taste for the overseas venues of Ibiza, Kylie’s determination and talent are helping build an unstoppable brand. We turn to music to make us feel good, but it takes a DJ with the right tools, mindset, and energy, to bring that to life. Kylie Jordan storms through with precisely those qualities.