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Ivan Fazio / DECEIVR



DECEIVR is one of the multi-faceted DJs who can remix well, skillfully blend, and seamlessly rock every gig. DECEIVR rouses the crowd by unleashing his dynamic mixing skills and his infectious dance grooves. DJ DECEIVR’s  sets are a mix of sounds tailored to the crowd and are always carried out with the intention of making the night great and keeping the dance floor full.

DECEIVR started his career in Italy at the age of 17, playing house music in a bar in his hometown Arezzo. Today, he infuses together all of his experience and musical tastes into his DJ sets. Deceivr has made a name for himself by remaining ahead of the game with not only his DJ sets but with his professionalism to the job at hand. He can alter the way you feel about music by giving you every reason to feel the vibe. As a professional DJ, he works hard every day, doing as many gigs as possible. You will always find him perfecting and enhancing his work as he continues to spread his wings on the London circuit always striving for success.

His passion for his chosen career as a music industry professional goes beyond knowing his equipment and possessing the necessary technical skills but making every effort to make your event special and memorable for you and your guests. His sets are spontaneous, interactive and ready to adapt to the energy of any event. He takes pride in his professionalism, experience, and adaptability. Whether DECEIVR is playing for an exclusive event or a packed arena, come ready for a lifetime exhilarating experience. 2016/2017 has seen Diiode playing at The Hippodrome, The Verge, Kazbar, Piccadilly Institute, Ministry of Sound as well as a private party for Philipp Plein and an International Set at Spring Break Invasion (Croatia).

“He is gifted with the talent to keep partygoers on the dance floor.”