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D Baptiste / Chipie

Want your guests to dance? DJ Chipie is the right man for the gig. He credits his father with starting him down the path to working in music. His family originates from Dominica in the West Indies; Chipie was born in London and is still based here pursuing his professional career in music. Although he has always loved music, he’s continued to face the adversities and obstacles that are synonymous within the music industry but because he considers music the driving force of his life he has continued to strive onwards and upwards. His biggest influences and musical idols include Buju Banton, BIG, Dennis Brown, and Michael Jackson

Darren a professional DJ who takes pride in their craft will tailor the entertainment exactly to how you want it. With a good understanding that every venue is unique, he is attentive to every detail and will take the time to understand your requirements. You can be certain that Chipie knows exactly how to get your party going.

His years of experience guarantee that he can create the perfect party experience for you and your guests, making sure your guests remember their night as the highlight of their year. He has had extensive experience of the London DJ & club scene, having DJ’d in prestigious venues including Embassy, Vendome, Funky Buddha, and Koko in Camden. The list is large and varied, and he was also part of the Release the Groove record shop family in Piccadilly Circus.

The musicality of Chipie as a DJ is truly a sensational gift of art. With his electrifying and beautifully hand mixed tracks, he keeps the crowd dancing all night long and enables them to find their rhythm to all his tunes., The phenomenal DJ loves to show his crowd that he is the man for them with his track selection. Chipie is an open format DJ, but his passion is house music, where he expresses, creates and evolves. Whenever he sees people enjoying his music and having a good time, it ultimately inspires him to reach higher. Chipie is currently a resident DJ for “Flirt” Saturday nights at Capeesh Sky Lounge and Deco Lounge Hertford.