We are an international DJ Agency whose priority is to provide Top Quality DJ’s to Clubs, Bars, Festivals and Private events . Our reputation, as a trusted and dependable agency when it comes to providing undiluted entertainment through DJ recommendations has propelled us to the top of the list.

Through passion for quality entertainment and unfiltered talent , we started an agency that serves the purpose of filtering awesome DJ’s from the pile, knowing there is a demand out there for talented DJ’s who have mastered the art of energising their audience non-stop with undeniable rhythms and a well drafted musical playlist.

Owned by an experienced DJ, we have as an agency mastered all the requirements and methods of turning the tides on a party and creating a wonderful experience for the audience. These methods have also been fundamentally taught to all our registered DJ’s who work with us. With an impressive and diverse musical library that has been characteristically seasoned with music from numerous genres and categories

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