Who Are We?  

We are London’s leading international DJ Agency whose priority is to provide Top Quality DJ’s to Clubs, Bars, Festivals and Private events. Our reputation, as a trusted and dependable agency, when it comes to delivering undiluted entertainment through DJ recommendations, has propelled us to the top of the list.

Through passion for quality entertainment and unfiltered talent, we started an agency that serves the purpose of filtering awesome DJ’s from the pile, knowing there is a demand out there for talented DJ’s who have mastered the art of energising their audience non-stop with undeniable rhythms and a well-drafted musical playlist.

Our carefully chosen rota of experienced and professional DJs are all highly skilled members of our dedicated team, and we work with them and our clients to ensure that every event that we are involved in achieves the outcomes envisaged by all parties.

We are the leading agency in London due to our impeccable reputation when it comes to managing resident DJs. We work closely with the managers and venue owners to make sure that the atmosphere and music policies are adhered to while making sure you hit your sales targets.

Our relationships and our ability to achieve what we say we are going to do has set us apart from our other competitors and this has enabled our agency to grow by word of mouth.

As an agency, we have mastered all the requirements and methods of turning the tides on a party and creating a wonderful experience for the audience. These methods have also been fundamentally taught to all our registered DJ’s who work with us.

We have an impressive and diverse musical library that has been characteristically seasoned with music from numerous genres and categories. Our expertise allows us to deliver all facets of entertainment and talent to create the perfect atmosphere for your venue. Our DJs can read the energy of your dance floor and set the tone to deliver a performance that keeps your customers entertained and coming back week after week.

Over the years we have continually developed and extended our skill sets across the industry and are proficient in delivering what we say we will do.

We have a family ethos and we approach our business relationships in the same way. We supply DJs with exceptional repertoires to many of the best party bars and clubs in London and overseas which makes us ideally placed to assist your organisation in choosing the right DJ /DJs for your venue.

How it all Started

JW DJ Agency was started in London in 2016 for 2 main reasons. We decided to take the plunge into this exhilarating world of the music industry, simply, because we had a desire to do it better.

We recognised a need in the open format market for a DJ Agency, which could bring the many facets of this business together to produce a better result for both the clients and the DJs.

We could see many venues failing to find audiences and viable entertainment options. Their managers and venue owners were ultimately not receiving the level of service that they deserved. Here at the JW DJ Agency, we understand that it benefits both parties in the business relationship to be achieving results.

As experienced DJs in the industry before the beginning of the agency, we dealt with many unscrupulous agents, who’s only goal was the monetary reward. These agencies had no recruitment or training process for their DJs, therefore supplying below standard DJs to their clients.

There was no coaching or management and often as a DJ you would be left to your own devices with no ongoing feedback on your performances.

Rarely would you ever have face to face contact with your manager during your entire working contract with them.

Unfortunately, these types of agents still exist and continue to exploit DJs due to the saturated market and their desperation for paid work.

We wanted to create a totally different ethos, where we only supply the best DJs to our clients. Our selection process is tough, but we also take the time out to train DJs with the right attitude and good work ethic. We treat our DJs with the respect they deserve and are proud to have them representing us every day.

The brands that we work with are very specific in their musical repertoires so continuous feedback and micromanagement of our team is important to the success of their venues.

It has not always been easy or a pleasant ride, but it continues to be a rewarding challenge for our passion and motivation. We are extremely proud of our 5-star ratings and continue to achieve milestones for ourselves, our DJs and our client’s.

What Can you Expect from our Agency?

You can expect an invested energy from our management team with a personalised approach.

We will become an extension of your team and will tailor our DJ performances so that they align with your business branding, ambitions and targets.

We will make sure your key business objectives and goals are being met by having a hands-on professional approach. We will be there from start to finish of the organisation and are always available to take calls and answer questions, delivering our service quickly and efficiently while maintaining affordability found nowhere else.

We are the industry leaders in what we do and will ensure that the right DJs are matched to our clients. We understand that no club, bar or private event are the same with each client having their own challenges and opportunities and we will go the extra mile to make sure that the music is on point and tailored to your event or venue requirements.

Let our managers and DJ team assist you in achieving the goals that you envisage. We will begin with an initial conversation and then arrange a convenient time that suits you to come and meet you at your venue. It is important for us to meet our clients and view their venues.

For corporate clients, we are happy to visit you at your offices and for weddings and birthday parties we can arrange to meet up for a coffee at a convenient time and place that suits you.  We are also happy to assist only by phone if that is the most suitable option for you.

For more information or a quote, please contact us on 07596720124 or email jaynee@samf17.sg-host.com or bookings@samf17.sg-host.com

Looking to Join our Agency?

Our DJ team is our business. Our team represents our agency every day, week in and week out. Our reputation to consistently deliver is everything that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Our team makes us successful and is the primary entity that ensures our success.

We believe a happy, well-rounded team ensures good results.

With over 500 application’s per year we don’t just look for DJs who have great technical skills, we also look for the following attributes:

  • Honesty
  • Ambition and a strong work ethic
  • A team player that respects others
  • Punctual
  • Readily adaptable
  • Handles pressure well
  • Detail orientated
  • Flexible
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Constantly improves their skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Active listener
  • Takes parts in our agency’s club events and social gatherings
  • Grounded and humble
  • Actively supports the agency goals
  • Appreciates constructive criticism
  • Speaks their mind
  • Just nice

It’s a team effort, so in return, we will provide you with ongoing support on your career journey, continuous feedback and support, plus lifetime friendships, great staff parties and social outings.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email our recruitment department: Recruitment@samf17.sg-host.com with your DJ Bio and a good quality photo or EPK and submit 2 of the following mixes:

  • Music genre of your choice (60 Minutes)
  • Open format mix showing your knowledge of the 70s,80s,90s, etc. (60 minutes)

Most DJs can play RnB and Hip Hop, House and Chart music, but we need to know that our DJs can dig deep into other areas of other music genres and mix them beautifully if required.

For house music applications, please apply to demos@exigorecords.com  ( you must be a house music producer or actively training to be a producer to apply for these roles)